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Message from the Club President

Frank Lallier
January, 2023

Dear Members,

The 2022 year continued our string of successes for our golf operations as we continue to add to our bank account while purchasing needed equipment and performing necessary repairs. In case you missed it, we replaced the clubhouse roof in late October, repaired the a/c fan and painted the flagpole. We were happy to learn that the plywood and substructure are in good shape and should last a long time. Might be time to consider an inside makeover now.

The new year is here and before you know it, green grass and golf will be too. Here are the website you will find the 2023 membership and club information documents. We hope you will process for yourself and share with prospective members - encouraging them to join. Please note that by sending a check or paying by cash, the Club saves credit card fees of 2-3 percent.

We are happy to report that we held the line on dues at last year's rates with one exception. The board has decided to reinstate a 20% discount on dues for Sustaining Members. We hope this will encourage you to partcipate. Beyond saving you some money, it provides you the opportunity to serve on the board of directors and steer us in the right direction. We especially wish to encourage younger members to get involved so that they can learn how we operate, as well as provide a modern perspective. Contact our Secretary, Joe Reilly at 315-267-6912 for more information.

Also note that there is a new line item fee for the GHIN(USGA) handicap system should you need one for travel golf away from the GCC. Previously the Club was paying the fee on behalf of the players, but guessing who needed it. Please be specific on the dues sheet as to who needs one so we can accurately submit the info to GHIN. Once set up, the golfer is responsible for entering scores into GHIN, not the GCC. Did you know that the GHIN(USGA) handicap system comes with a smartphone app that has your course GPS to check yardage?

Thank you for your continued support of the Gouverneur Country Club. I look forward to another fun year and hope you all remain safe and healthy. And please consider volunteering!

Kind Regards,
Frank Lallier
President, Gouverneur Country Club

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