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Message from the Club President

Frank Lallier
January 6, 2021

Dear Members,

I wish you all a healthy and Happy New Year. Where 2020 brought us a wild ride, I hope that 2021 is full of good cheer and a shot in the arm for a pandemic free life for us all. I am sure it will start off a little rocky, but we will get there.

At the GCC, we have lots to be thankful for. Membership continues to grow, and our member body never ceases to amaze me with their willingness to step up and help in all areas of the club operations. The Board has done a great job in remaining prudent with your dues as we continue to add to our bank account and keep the necessary monies in play to operate without sacrificing the essentials for good golf and good fun.

Here is a summary of our year in review:

After starting the year with a pandemic, we opened without too much trouble. As bad as it was, we saw more new people come out and play and added to our member count in a year where we expected the worse. Our new and refurbished mowing equipment served us well. We were able to hire some help in the kitchen and by all accounts, they worked out great and will be back this year. We scored a hole in one by acquiring 14 electric golf carts that needed much less work than anticipated. We will continue to upgrade our electric service to accommodate electric carts and believe that our future will see more of them.


Finally, we installed sprinklers at every green which will save so much time and allow for more consistent watering. Thank you for your help in whatever way you can. Please know that we understand everybody’s situation is different and just because you are unable to pitch in as much as others, your membership and presence at the club is more than enough and much appreciated.

The board has decided not to raise rates for the year 2021. On the contrary, we lowered the price of a seasonal range fee to $20 per person for members. We are hopeful that all members will take advantage of this and help us fund the electrical upgrades for the new carts. Please direct any prospects to and have them complete a dues sheet and forward to our PO Box 273. That goes for existing members too. Having new and current member info really helps us keep track and communicate with everyone. We are starting our membership drive now and hope to have all dues in by May 1st.

Thanks again and stay safe

Frank Lallier, President

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